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   Adding Page Numbers
Ever want to add page numbers to your document? Word allows you to control many aspects of page numbering. Here's how to add page numbers easily.

   Adding Page Numbers in Headers or Footers
While Word has a default format for page numbers, you can design and specify how you want them to appear in your document. Headers and footers make this possible and this tip explains how.

   Automatic Page Numbers across Multiple Documents
Word allows you to specify the starting page number for a document, which comes in handy if you have multiple documents you need to print in sequential order. This tip discusses how you can set page numbers to automatically "flow" from one document to another.

   Changing the Starting Page Number
Word normally numbers pages in a document starting at one and extending as far as the number of pages you have. If you want, you can adjust a starting page number for any section in your document. It's easy to do, as explained here.

   Changing the Type of Page Numbers Used in Headers or Footers
Like to have your page numbers displayed using different types of numbers? Here's how you can choose from the several different numbering formats offered by Word.

   Creating Point Pages
Want to add a page, with a different page number, in Word without affecting the entire document? The solution is a bit tricky, but worth the effort.

   Default Font for Page Numbers
Page numbers are a common addition to documents, and a great aid to readers. If you want to easily format page numbers, you need to understand how Word formats them. This tip explains the best ways to get the formatting you want.

   Formatting Page Numbers
Need to format the page numbers you added to your document? Word makes it easy, using the same techniques you use to format regular text.

   Getting Page Number Formatting Changes to Stick
Placing a page number into your document can be easy. Getting that page number to look the way you want it to can be more of a challenge. If you need some help making your page numbers hold the formatting you want, here are some things you can check.

   Letters and Numbers in Page Numbers
A common task is to add page numbers to document headers and footers. If you want those page numbers to include more than just digits, you can easily accomplish your desires.

   Odd Page Numbers Disappearing
Page numbers in printed pages are often a necessary part of formatting a document. What do you do if your printed output doesn't include some of the page numbers you expect? Here's a short discussion on what could cause this type of problem and how to fix it.

   Page Numbers are Zeros
If you have a document where the page numbers are always zero, you may be rightly wondering what is happening. This tip describes a couple of things you can check to identify the problem and resolve it.

   Spelling Out Page Numbers
If your document is more than a couple of pages long, adding page numbers is a nice finishing touch. If you want, you can even have those page numbers be spelled out using words by applying the technique described in this tip.

   Turning Off Default First Page Numbering
Ever want to change the default settings for how Word handles page numbering? Word doesn't make this as easy as you would think. This tip explains how you can customize the defaults within a template.

   Two Page Numbering Schemes in the Same Document
Word is great at numbering pages if you only need a single, consistent numbering scheme through the document. If you need two separate numbering schemes, you need to apply some workarounds described in this tip.

   Two Page Numbers per Physical Page
If your document has two mini pages on one page, inserting page numbers in Word, so that each mini page has its own number, can be done. There is a relatively simple way to achieve this.

   Using Chapter Numbers with Page Numbers
Do you need to add page numbers that include, as well, a chapter number? It's relatively easy to do, as described in this tip.

   Using Only Odd Page Numbers
Do you need to number the pages of your document using only odd page numbers? Word doesn't provide a way to do this, but you can create your own special page numbers that reflect what you want.

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