Working with Other Programs

When including data from another program in a Word document, you can decide how you want the information linked, embedded, or otherwise presented. Word also has capabilities to open and convert files from other programs. The following articles explain everything Word has to offer for compatibility with other programs.

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   Converting Automatic Numbering to Manual Numbering
The automatic numbering that Word lets you apply to paragraphs in your document can create some great looking content, but it can play havoc with your file if you import it into another program. Here's how to get rid of the automatic numbering, but still retain the numbers.

   Converting Quark Documents to Word
A popular desktop publishing program is QuarkXPress. If you have a document in the program, you may want a way to get that document over to Word where it is easier to edit. Here's some ideas on how your document can make the leap.

   Getting Rid of Fields Inserted by Third-Party Programs
Third-party programs can be used to affect a document and change what is contained therein. Of course, getting rid of what those programs add to a document can be a challenge, as discussed in this tip.

   How to Turn Add-in Toolbar off by Default
Add-in programs for Word often add toolbars that offer whatever features the add-in enables. Sometimes you may not want these toolbars to be displayed. Figuring out how to turn them off can be a headache, however. This tip offers some suggestions on things you can try.

   Inserting a Sound File in Your Document
Got an audio file you want to insert in your document? It's easy to do when you use the Object dialog box, as described in this tip.

   Inserting a Voice Annotation in Your Document
Like to make audio notes to yourself? Word allows you to include these types of notes with your documents. Here's how to place an audio file into your documents.

   Linking to Slides in PowerPoint
If you are preparing a document that references a presentation you created in PowerPoint, you may want to reference in the document certain slides from the presentation. You can easily create links to the slides by following the steps in this tip.

   Merging Formatted Data
Using the mail merge feature of Word, you can make data from Access databases accessible for your documents. How information is stored in the Access database can affect the way that data looks once merged into Word. This tip discusses ways you can make phone numbers appear formatted properly in Word.

   Removing Errant Buttons
Got some toolbar buttons that are rather stubborn? Getting rid of buttons that are installed by an external program can be bothersome, but here are some ideas that can help.

   Working with Document Links
Word makes it easy to establish links between documents. Here's how to change and manage those links easily.

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