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WordTips (menu) for 25 March 2017

Delivery Address Won't Print on Envelopes

Word includes a feature that allows you to easily create and print envelopes, based on the addresses you insert in your letters. This tip examines what to do when the delivery address doesn't print on the actual envelope, as expected.

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Sorting Single-Column Addresses

Got a document that contains a bunch of addresses? If you want to sort the addresses, then you are in for a surprise because it may not be as easy as you think. This tip explains the easiest methods to get your addresses in the order you need.

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Become a Mail Merge Wizard

Do you want to become a mail merge magician? Discover everything from the basics to being able to complete all your documentation needs—it's all here! Experience the magic today!

Making Backup Copies

When you save your documents, Word doesn't normally make backups of your files. If you want the program to do that, it takes a quick configuration change, as described in this tip.

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Word is a great word processor
Splitting Table Cells

When formatting tables, you can both merge and split cells. Here's a couple of ways you can easily perform the latter task and get your cells split apart.

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