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WordTips (menu) for 19 June 2021

Keeping Full Menus Displayed

Word allows menus to be displayed in two modes. The default mode, which displays menu options dynamically, drives some people nuts. So, Word provides a way you can turn off dynamic menus. What are you to do, though, when the menu change doesn't "stick?" This tip describes some factors that may be causing the loss of static menus.

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Removing Automatic Lines

Type a few dashes, underscores, or equal signs, and you could end up with a full-width line in your document. This is normal behavior for Word, but it may not be the behavior you want. This tip explains why you get these types of lines and how you can get rid of them.

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How Much Time Do You Spend Proofreading?

Do you need more time in your working week? You can cut the amount of time you spend checking your text for typos and inconsistencies by using PerfectIt. It finds mistakes that no spelling or grammar checker will find. And it checks your documents directly from Microsoft Word! To get a free 14-day trial, visit the PerfectIt website!

Selecting a Table

There are several different ways you can select an entire table in Word. The various methods and shortcuts are described in this tip.

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Word is a great word processor
Discovering Where Word Stores Settings

How to find your setting information in Word.

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