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WordTips (menu) for 18 January 2020

Creating the 'Mils' Symbol

Different industries use their own terminologies and symbols. In the military, one symbol is referred to as the "mils" symbol. This tip explains what it is and how to create it.

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Track changes
Using Track Changes

Track Changes is a valuable Word tool that allows you to automatically mark changes in your document. This is a great boon when you want to see what changes have been made by you or another editor. Using Track Changes is easy, depending on the version of Word you are using.

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Fantastic Fields!

At last count Word provides 75 dynamic field codes you can use to add everything from page numbers to hyperlinks to your documents. Discover the ins and outs of the vast majority of Word's powerful field codes.

Dictionaries for Microsoft Word

Word allows you to develop custom dictionaries or use custom dictionaries that have been developed by other people. Finding such dictionaries can be challenging at times, but this tip provides some suggestions on where you can find these helpful files.

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Noting Formatting Inconsistencies

When you create a document, Word is constantly checking behind the scenes to make sure that what you type makes sense. Tools such as spelling and grammar checking are not the only way this is done. You can also have Word check for formatting inconsistencies.

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