Enjoying December

I hope you are enjoying your December and all that it brings. It's been very hectic around the Wyatt household, as we try to accomplish more in what seems like ever-more-limited time. Snowstorms have been blanketing our area, and that presents its own set of challenges, but nothing we cannot overcome with time and perseverance.

Enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter!


WordTips (menu) for 8 December 2018

Word is a great word processor
Running Word Counts

Do you need to keep track of how many words are in your document? Word provides a tool to display a word count on demand, but you may want something more automatic, like a running word count. The macro in this tip can be used to display a handy word count that refreshes on a regular interval.

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Word is a great word processor
Accurately Setting Tabs Using the Ruler

If you try to set tabs by clicking on the Ruler, you may not be able to set them exactly where you want. This is normally due to a setting used for aligning graphics, but you can easily change it.

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Use Tables Effectively

Microsoft Word is wonderful at presenting data clearly and easily. Creating a table is one of the ways you can present your data. Creating tables is easy, but using them effectively can be tricky. WordTips: Terrific Tables allows you to get the most from your tables.

Selective Undo

Ever wonder why you can't undo just a single edit you made a few minutes earlier? The short answer is that it could make your document unstable or unusable, as described in this tip.

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Word is a great word processor
Safely Relocking Forms

In order to use a form in Word, it must be protected. This means that you cannot make any changes to the form, even if you need to. If you unlock the form to make changes, then when you relock it, the data in the form is wiped out. This tip provides a solution you can use to safely relock your forms without losing data.

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