Enjoying Easter

Welcome to Easter weekend 2019. For many this is a time celebrating new life and renewal of life, rooted in Christian theology. For others it is a time to mark the coming of Spring and the new life that is exhibited by the changing of the seasons. For still others it is a time to join with family and friends and celebrate whatever the Easter Bunny may bring.

This year, in the Wyatt household, it is also a time of reuniting, as we celebrate our biannual family reunion. We are in Mesa, Arizona, this weekend, getting together with my parents, siblings, and everyone's families. I mentioned the reunion in this space last week, but now the festivities are in full swing.

However you choose to celebrate this weekend (and whatever you choose to celebrate this weekend), I hope that it is a joyous time for you and yours.

My best to you.


WordTips (menu) for 20 April 2019

Wildcard searching
Understanding Pattern Matching

Pattern matching is a type of searching you can do in Word that is very powerful. Despite its power, it remains rather esoteric to many Word users. This tip provides an overview of what pattern matching is and how you can turn it on when searching.

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Word is a great word processor
Understanding the Hot Zone

Need to hyphenate your document? Then you need to know about the hot zone because it controls how words are hyphenated

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Become a Mail Merge Wizard

Do you want to become a mail merge magician? Discover everything from the basics to being able to complete all your documentation needs—it's all here! Experience the magic today!

Track changes
Getting a Warning for Markup

Many people, when collaborating on a document with others, use the Track Changes feature to show the effects of their editing. When printing your document, you may not want Word to include these changes in the printout. You can instruct the program to warn you if you try to print and there are any tracked changes or comments in the document.

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Document map
Controlling the Outline in the Document Map

When you display the Document Map, you are essentially looking at an outline of the document at the same time as you continue to work in that document. You have complete control over the level of detail displayed in the Document Map.

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