Eric is Home

I promised to let you know how Eric has been doing. A lot has happened in the past week, but the most significant thing is that Eric was discharged from the hospital. He arrived home late Tuesday evening, without the need to go to an extended care facility.

Eric is still on oxygen, and he is quite weak, especially in his legs. That made it challenging to get him from the car and into his house with some steps and Wyoming snow in the way. We anticipate that with some exercise and therapy, his strength will return. As to the oxygen, we don't know how long he will need that. He has a whole set of appointments with doctors, testers, and specialists coming up in the near future.

With the treatments, appointments, and weakness, we don't know when (or even if) Eric will be able to return to work. I know that he is anxious to see what changes the diagnosis (ANCA Vasculitis) will thrust into his life, long term, but that is something that only time will tell. It is going to be a long haul, and it will mean changes for Eric and his entire family.

Even so, we all have great hopes for the future! Anyone who would like to see past updates about Eric and his travails can do so at this page:


WordTips (menu) for 3 December 2022

Word is a great word processor
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Word is a great word processor
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Word is a great word processor
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