Working on Summer Projects

I'm enjoying the summer so far, and the weather has been great. It's been a bit unusual around here, in that a very wet spring has led to more yard growth than we've had in recent years. In fact, I had to mow the lawn for the second time this year just this past week.

I now that sounds funny to some readers who live in more lively growing areas. Years ago, when I used to live in Ohio, it would be a very unusual season if I didn't have to mow weekly. Take my word for it, though, that it is unusual in this part of Wyoming to have as much growth as we've had.

Even so, the weather has been marvelous and I've been able to make great headway on a few other projects I've had on my list (besides mowing the lawn).

I hope your summer is going well so far and that you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter.


WordTips (menu) for 22 June 2019

Word is a great word processor
Shortcut to Return to Document Text

When you are done typing a footnote or endnote in your document, you may want a way to return to the main document text without the necessity of removing your hands from the keyboard. Word doesn't have a shortcut to do this, but another of Word's shortcuts may help you out.

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Automatically Referencing Info Entered in a Table

Tables are a great way to organize information in a document. At some point you may want a cell in a table to contain the same information that is in a different table cell. Here's a way you can approach this problem.

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(Thanks to Ron Solecki for contributing to this tip.)

Pay a Visit to Formville

Need invoices, statements, receipts, applications, and hundreds of other business forms you can put to use right away? How about if you can get those forms for free? Discover what awaits you in Formville, your destination for free printable business forms.

Word is a great word processor
Drawing a Table

There are several ways you can create tables in a document, but one of the most unique (and perhaps most fun) is to simply draw the table on-screen. This tip explains how you can do just that.

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Creating Oval Pictures

A couple of ways to create oval shaped pictures in a Word document.

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