To Texas and Back

Today I arrived back home after a trip to Texas to visit my parents. On this trip we took one of our granddaughters with us so that she could visit with her great grandparents. The trip started off with bad weather, but ended quite nicely. The parents were in good spirits, and the time with the granddaughter was delightful.

Even so, it is always good to arrive back home and unpack the bags. (As is often said, be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.)


WordTips (menu) for 18 March 2023

Turning Off Capital Corrections

If you type two capital letters at the beginning of a word, Word assumes that you made a typing error and will attempt to correct your mistake. If you don't want Word to make this assumption, you can turn off this AutoCorrect feature.

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Microsoft Chart
Formatting Datasheet Numbers

Controlling the appearance of numbers in a datasheet.

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Find what You Need, then Replace It

Find and Replace is the most powerful tool in Word's editing arsenal. Discover how you can use this tool to zero in on just the portion of your document that you need. From simple searches to complex patterns, you can use and master Find and Replace.

Word is a great word processor
Clearing the Contents of a Table

Want to get rid of information within a table, but not the table itself? Here's a guide to understanding the effects that different editing keys have on table data.

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Creating macros
Saving Changes when Closing

If you write a macro that makes changes to a document, you may want that macro to save those changes. There are several ways you can implement the proper code to do this, as described in this tip.

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