The Summer Solstice

Welcome to Summer! I can say that, officially, as I live in the northern hemisphere and today is official beginning of the season.

It used to be that I thought of the Summer Solstice as one day each year, the day with the most daylight that marked the beginning of Summer. However, I now find that the solstice is a point in time and not a full day. If you look up the actual Summer solstice for 2024, you'll discover that it occurred yesterday (June 20) at 4:50 pm east-coast time.

After that, I guess, everything is downhill.

Even so, I'm going to enjoy today and the coming days and all the sunshine and warmth that are available at my latitude and elevation. I trust you will be able to enjoy all Summer has to offer, as well.

Even with Summer in full swing, I hope that you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter.


WordTips (menu) for 22 June 2024

Understanding Page Border Art

Add some artwork around the border of your printed page, and you may not know where that artwork comes from. You may also want to add your own graphics to be used as page borders. Because Word uses a proprietary format for this type of graphic, adding your own artwork may not be possible.

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Word is a great word processor
Default Font for Page Numbers

Page numbers are a common addition to documents, and a great aid to readers. If you want to easily format page numbers, you need to understand how Word formats them. This tip explains the best ways to get the formatting you want.

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Use Tables Effectively

Microsoft Word is wonderful at presenting data clearly and easily. Creating a table is one of the ways you can present your data. Creating tables is easy, but using them effectively can be tricky. WordTips: Terrific Tables allows you to get the most from your tables.

Repeating Actions

Need to repeat an action a whole bunch of times? You can do it a time or two using keyboard shortcuts, but you'll need a macro (like the handy one in this tip) to make repeating a lot of times possible.

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Mail merge
Beginning a Mail Merge

Performing a mail merge can be intimidating to some people. It needn't be; Word provides step-by-step wizards that lead you through the process. How you use these wizards is dependent on the version of Word you are using, however.

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WordTips YouTube Channel

Do you like to learn visually? Make sure you check out the WordTips YouTube channel. New videos are added weekly. (I typically try to add them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.)

New video: Getting Rid of Tracked Formatting Changes
Track Changes is great a tracking all the changes made in a document. If an editor makes a lot of formatting changes, that can clutter up the important stuff you want to review. In this Quick Tip I show you how to remove the clutter by accepting just the formatting changes.


New video: Four Ways to Insert the Date
One of the most common things to type in a document is the current date. Not all dates are created equal, however, and there are pros and cons to the various date entry techniques. In this video I show you the ways you can easily insert a date in your documents.

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