Back Home in Wyoming

Well, the adventure that started back in October and took me to Texas for four months has come to a close. I arrived back at my home in Wyoming late Tuesday, very much exhausted and happy to sleep (once again) in my own bed.

Through all of this, I must say that I appreciate the kind words, thoughts, and deeds of so many of you. I've received hundreds and hundreds of well wishes, both by e-mail and by regular mail. I've tried to respond to them all, but I have no doubt I missed more than a few. Even so, know that your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now, if I can just get everything unpacked and get caught up on things that have piled up in the last four months, I'll be doing better still!


WordTips (menu) for 17 February 2024

Find and Replace
Finding Text Not Using a Particular Font

Word makes it easy to find text that uses a particular font or font characteristics. What it doesn't do is make it easy to find text that doesn't use a particular font. Here's a few ways you can find the text you need.

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Paragraph formatting
Making All Lines in a Paragraph the Same Height

If the line spacing in a paragraph appears uneven it may result of the combination of a larger character or object pasted inline and using the paragraph Auto line spacing attribute.

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Become a Mail Merge Wizard

Do you want to become a mail merge magician? Discover everything from the basics to being able to complete all your documentation needs—it's all here! Experience the magic today!

Paragraph formatting
Reversing Type

Most text appears black on white, not white on black. If you want to change this so that your type is reversed, here's a quick way to do it.

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Word is a great word processor
Folder Locations for Add-Ins

Add-ins can be stored in a number of different places on a computer system. This tip explains the many different places you can look for add-ins, along with why those places exist in the first place.

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