Catching Up

This past week was spent at a business conference, away from the hustle and bustle that normally occurs around my office. It meant I could concentrate on the topics discussed at the conference, but it also means that things "piled up" while I was gone. I got back in the office yesterday morning to find quite a few things requiring my attention.

I hope that your week went well and that you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter.


WordTips (menu) for 13 October 2018

Creating Compound Characters

Word provides access to a wide variety of characters either from the keyboard or from the Symbol dialog box. Up and above that, you can also use a field to create your own special compound characters, if desired.

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Word is a great word processor
Selecting Tabs in Dialog Boxes

Dialog boxes normally present information in a series of tabs. If you want to move from tab to tab without taking your hands off the keyboard, here's how to do it.

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These Autos are Amazing!

Word provide four "auto" tools that can make developing documents faster, easier, and more consistent. When you put AutoText, AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, and AutoFormat to work for you, you've harnessed some serious tools. Uncover the secrets of these tools!

Formatting All Headings At Once

If you need to apply a common formatting change to all the headings in your document, a quick way to do it is to use the Outline view of Word. This tip presents a simple technique that can save you loads of time.

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Using a Macro to Change the Formatting of All Instances of a Word

If you have a word that you need to make sure is formatted the same way throughout your document, there are several ways you can approach the task. One is to format manually, another is to use a style, and the third method (described in this tip) is to use a macro to handle the formatting.

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