Thank You!

I just want to give a shout-out to those who are working in criticial positions, helping the rest of us get through the problems we are facing. I was in my local well-picked-over grocery store today, and the workers there were trying to go about their jobs under difficult circumstances. I stopped into a local urgent care facility a couple of days ago, and the workers there were battling just as valiantly as they could.

I could name off dozens of other jobs where people are trying to help in the best ways they can. I find their efforts heartening, and I appreciate all they are doing. Thank you, each and every one.

That being said, I also know that huge swaths of the world are either working from home or newly unemployed. If you are one of those who are working from home, I know that figuring out how to do that work can be a challenge. (I know, as I've been a work-at-home type of guy for large segments of my life.) It can be difficult to figure out how to do the work you need to get done when you are not in familiar surroundings, and it can be an even bigger difficulty when you have family vying for your attention.

As I mentioned last week, by plan is to keep on providing my newsletters and, thereby, hopefully bring a bit of normalcy (or normality, if you prefer) into your inbox. I've had multiple readers let me know that they look forward to the newsletters more than ever right now, as they are using this time to expand what they can do with Word. I appreciate those sentiments.

Whatever challenges you are facing, I hope you are finding productive ways to face them with grace and aplomb.


WordTips (menu) for 28 March 2020

Word is a great word processor
Changing Text Case

Word provides a built-in shortcut to change the case of a text selection. Understanding how that shortcut works (and the other options available to you) can make some editing tasks easier.

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Word is a great word processor
Finding Alternate Words

How to expand your vocabulary by using the Thesaurus.

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Add UserForms to Your Macros

Still relying on message boxes and input boxes to communicate with the users of your macros? Take your macros to the next level by creating your own UserForms. Discover how in the information-packed Creating VBA UserForms course. Low cost; great instruction--check it out today!

Microsoft Chart
Including a Data Table with Your Chart

Microsoft Graph allows you to display both your chart and data, if desired. All it takes is to make a simple change to a setting.

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Can't Select and Edit Graphics Elements

Adding graphics to your documents can make them livelier and easier to understand. What if you can't select and edit the graphics, though? Here's something to check that may make editing the graphics easier.

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