Christmas is Coming!

The Christmas decorations went up around the Wyatt household this past week. We pulled out the dusty boxes stored in the attic and unpacked what we so-carefully packed almost a year ago. The tree is up, decked out with lights and ornaments. The nativity scenes are on the mantle, the Christmas candles spread throughout the house, and the Christmas cards are being addressed.

This past week there was also a Festival of Lights parade in our small town. It consisted of, by my count, less than 10 "floats," with the last one (being a school bus) having Santa Claus on top, tossing candy to those lining Main Street. It was a fun time to see the kids enjoying the decorated vehicles and enjoying the season.

I love this time of year!


WordTips (menu) for 9 December 2017

Adding a Diagonal Watermark with a PostScript Printer

If you have a printer that understands PostScript, you can add your own watermark to each printed page. This tip discloses how easy it is to take advantage of this PostScript capability.

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Counting Values in Table Cells

In Excel it is easy to count how many times a certain character occurs in a column of cells. In Word, it is a bit trickier. It could be done with a macro, but there is an even easier way, as described in this tip.

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Pay a Visit to Formville

Need invoices, statements, receipts, applications, and hundreds of other business forms you can put to use right away? How about if you can get those forms for free? Discover what awaits you in Formville, your destination for free printable business forms.

Printing without Footnotes

Want to print your document without all those footnotes included? It's not quite as easy as you might think, as this tip discloses.

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Word is a great word processor
Lining Up Numbered List Numbers

Do you want the numbers in your numbered lists to be aligned differently than they normally are? You can adjust the alignment by following the steps outlined in this tip.

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