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WordTips (menu) for 16 June 2018

Word is a great word processor
Displaying a Live Word Count

You can use Word's built in tools to figure out how many words are in your document. If you want a real-time, constantly updated word count, then you will need to develop your own tools, as described in this tip.

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Leading Spaces in Document File Names

If you try to add spaces to the beginning of a document's file name, Word normally strips them away. This tip examines two ways you can add those spaces back to the beginning of your file names.

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Add UserForms to Your Macros

Still relying on message boxes and input boxes to communicate with the users of your Word and Excel macros? Take your macros to the next level by creating your own UserForms. Discover how in the information-packed Creating VBA UserForms course. Low cost; great instruction--check it out today!

Setting the Return Address Used in Word

When you create envelopes with Word, it normally displays a return address by default. If you can't get Word to retain the default return address you want, you'll be interested in the information in this tip.

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Text boxes
Changing Orientation of a Text Box

Want to change how a text box is oriented on the page? You can't do it, but you can adjust the dimensions of the box manually.

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