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   Copying Paragraph Formatting with the Mouse
When you get one paragraph formatted just the way you want, you might want to copy that formatting so it can be applied to a different paragraph. Here's how you can do it using the mouse.

   Copying Rows and Columns with the Mouse
Word allows you to do quite a few editing tasks using the mouse. If you want to copy rows or columns in a table, you can use the mouse-based technique described in this tip.

   Detailed Measurements
Want to know exactly how far something on the ruler is from the left and right margins of your document? It's easy to figure out with this esoteric shortcut.

   Moving Rows and Columns with the Mouse
Like to use the mouse to help you with your document editing? You can move table rows and column with the mouse by using these few steps.

   Moving Text Using the Mouse
Many people use the keyboard to do their primary editing tasks. Word doesn't limit you to the keyboard, however. You can also use the mouse to do your editing, as described in this tip.

   Nifty Zooming With the Mouse
Want to use the mouse to control the zoom level for your document? You can do it by combining your mouse use with the Ctrl key.

   Quickly Displaying the Tabs Dialog Box
Setting tabs in a paragraph is a common task. This is most easily done by using the Tabs dialog box. Displaying the dialog box is most easily done by using the technique in this tip.

   Quickly Moving Text with the Mouse
Drag-and-drop editing is a handy feature when you love to use the mouse. There are two ways you can move text using the mouse, both of which are described in this tip.

   Quickly Selecting Text
Want a really quick way to select text? Just combine the Shift key with a simple mouse click.

   Scrolling Text Sideways
Most people use the mouse wheel to scroll their document up and down. What if it starts scrolling left and right, instead? It could be due to a number of conditions, described in this tip.

   Selecting a Text Block
Word has an interesting way of allowing you to select a rectangular block of text, without reference to what may be within that block. The key to using this feature is the shortcut key described in this tip.

   Selecting a Word
Selecting text is a critical skill to possess when you want to work with a Word document. This tip explains how you can select entire words with just a quick double-click of the mouse.

   Selecting the Entire Document with the Mouse
Want a quick way to select your entire document without taking your hand off of the mouse? Try clicking away using the technique described in this tip.

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