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   Converting WordPerfect Labels to Word
If you are relatively new to Word from the WordPerfect world, you may have a bunch of labels in a WordPerfect document that you need to convert to a set of Word labels. Here's how to do it.

   Indent and Justify Command
WordPerfect users are familiar with the F4 command, which indents and justifies a paragraph. Word does not have an equivalent single-key command, but it has commands that are just as easy to use and even some tools that are more powerful when trying to do this type of formatting.

   PRIVATE Fields in WordPerfect Documents
Did you ever convert a document from WordPerfect and see PRIVATE fields in it? Here's what those fields mean.

   Reliable Conversion to WordPerfect
If you have documents that you need to save in WordPerfect format, you might experience some frustration in making the switch. Here's an insider's view of why doing the conversion is so difficult.

   Stubborn Phantom Paragraphs
When converting documents from WordPerfect to Word, you may run into a problem with what the conversion produces. If you have some characters that cause problems in the resulting document, you'll appreciate the discussion in this tip.

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