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Hyphenating a Selection
Word provides a hyphenation tool that can help you hyphenate words within a document. If you want to apply hyphenation to only a part of your document, here are some ways you can do it.

Hyphenating Your Document
One of the final touches you can add to a document is to hyphenate it. This allows text to flow more smoothly from line to line, giving your document a more professional look. Here's how to achieve the hyphenation.

Inserting a Non-Breaking Hyphen
Non-breaking hyphens can come in helpful for some types of writing. They force the words (or characters) on both sides of the hyphen to stay on the same line. There are two ways to add such hyphens to your document, as described in this tip.

Turning Off Automatic Hyphenation for Parts of a Document
Word can hyphenate documents automatically, if you want it to. But what about those situations where you want most of a document hyphenated and some of it not hyphenated? The answer is to do some formatting changes to your styles.

Turning Off Paragraph Hyphenation
Need to make sure that a particular paragraph never has any hyphenated words in it? You can make sure that Word won't automatically add any hyphens by following the easy steps in this tip.

Understanding the Hot Zone
Need to hyphenate your document? Then you need to know about the hot zone because it controls how words are hyphenated

When to Hyphenate Your Document
Want to add a finishing touch to your printed document? Hyphenating the words in the document can make your text read easier. But when to do the hyphenation? This tip looks at the logical times to hyphenate your text.


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