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So you have important information or formatting in a document that you don't want other users to mess with? Not a problem if you are using Word, which has built-in protection functions. Learn how to control what other users are able to do in a document with the following articles.

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   Allowing Only Comments in a Document
Develop a document that is to be reviewed by a group of people, and you may want to protect it in some way. One way you can protect it is to make sure that people can only add comments to the document and not make changes to the text. Here's how to do this trick.

   Allowing Only Form Field Changes
Word allows you to create forms that other people can use to enter information. One of the last steps normally taken with forms is to protect them so that data can only be entered where you specified.

   Hyperlinks in Protected Documents
Need the ability to follow a hyperlink in a document you've protected? If so, you'll need to examine different ways of creating the link, as discussed in this tip.

   Protecting a Table Column
Do you need a way to protect the information you put in a table? Word doesn't have a way to do this, but there are a few workarounds you can use.

   Protecting Your Revisions
Want to protect your documents so that people can't edit them without you knowing about it? One way is to make sure that the document is protected so that only marked revisions can be made. Word makes this easy.

   Read-Only Documents
Using both Word and Windows, there are a variety of ways you can mark a file as read-only so that it cannot be changed. This tip discusses the different techniques you can use.

   Signing a Protected Form
Tablet PCs are great for some uses, such as signing forms developed in Word. You may run into a problem with getting the signatures you need if the form is protected. This tip discusses how you can get around this problem.

   Turning Off Document Protection
If you protect your document using the tools that Word provides, at some time you may need to turn off that protection. Here's how easy it is to open the document back up.

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