Big Anniversary Alert!

Tomorrow marks a major milestone for me. It was on March 1, 1997 (18 years ago) that I published the first issue of WordTips. In those 18 years I've published an issue every single week, for a total of well over 900 issues.

It's been a long and fascinating time. The biggest challenge (as one might suspect) is to make sure that I published an issue of the newsletter every week, regardless of what was happening in the world or in my life. The WordTips websites have grown to the point where they now have over 4,000 tips on them. (There are 2,200+ on the WordTips (menu) site and 1,800+ on the WordTips (ribbon) site.)

How long can this go on? It is hard to predict anything, but my plans include continuing to publish WordTips far into the foreseeable future.

I hope you have a great week!


WordTips (menu) for 28 February 2015

Track changes
Showing Only Added Text with Track Changes

Do you want to change how Track Changes displays the markup in your document? Here's how you can completely hide deleted text so that only your added text shows up.

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Ensuring Consistent Lines on Each Page

Need to have a specific number of lines on each page in your documents? What if those documents are subdocuments to a master document? This tip explains the ways that you can get the exact number of lines you need.

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WordTips—At Your Fingertips!

Support WordTips and obtain a valuable resource by grabbing your own copies of the WordTips Archives. Visit the Website for complete info.

Understanding Point Sizes

Points are the common unit of measure for typefaces in the printing industry. They are also used quite often in Word. Here's what they are all about.

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Macros extend Word
Setting the Left Indent of a Paragraph in a Macro

When using a macro to format text, you can set all sorts of attributes for paragraphs or individual characters. On attribute you can specify is how far the left margin of the paragraph should be indented. All it takes is a single command, as described in this tip.

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