Catching Up

Things have been quiet around the Wyatt household this week. I've gotten caught up on a couple of projects that I inadvertently neglected; that always is satisfying for me. Now I've got another week to look forward to and (hopefully) get better organized with respect to those projects.

I hope your weekend is going well and you are looking forward to the coming week. Enjoy the tips!


WordTips (menu) for 29 August 2015

Web capabilities
Controlling URL Formatting

When you type a URL into a document, Word helpfully converts it to a live hyperlink. If you don't want Word to be quite that helpful, here's how to turn off (or on) the conversion of those URLs.

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Adding Hyphens to Phrases

Editing text to turn regular words into hyphenated phrases can be a real bother. The chore can become a breeze if you apply the ideas in this tip.

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Fantastic Fields!

At last count Word provides 75 dynamic field codes you can use to add everything from page numbers to hyperlinks to your documents. Discover the ins and outs of the vast majority of Word's powerful field codes.

Word is a great word processor
Automatic Question Numbering

Want to use Word's numbering capabilities to help you number a series of questions? Here's how to accomplish the task as easily as possible.

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Saving Information in a Non-Document Text File

Need to store some information in a plain text file? It's easy to do when you use a macro.

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