On the Road

Today I'm in the Midwest, in the middle of a week-long trip. I brought my granddaughter back to Ohio to spend the week with my sister, and I am spending the time researching genealogical and historical records in dusty old libraries and graveyards in Tennessee and North Carolina. (And, truth be told, I'm having a grand time doing it. I find this type of pursuit very refreshing.)

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoy the tips this week.


WordTips (menu) for 19 July 2014

Turning On Picture Placeholders

Displaying graphics in a document requires a great deal more computer processing than displaying simple text. A document that has "too many" graphics in it scrolls very slowly. If switching from Print layout to Draft view does not speed up scrolling to a satisfactory point you can also tell Word to display the graphics as simple empty box placeholders.

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Understanding Graphic Linking

Word provides a couple of different ways that graphics can be linked to your document. How you control the method used depends on the choices you make in the Insert Picture dialog box.

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WordTips—At Your Fingertips!

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Printing the Current Page

Want to print just the current page? Word can do it, if you know how.

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Formatting Comments

Need to change the appearance of the text in your comments? It's easy to do using techniques you are already familiar with.

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