The Cold of Autumn

The cold days of Autumn are hitting our area. This past week the overnight temperatures dipped into the teens, and we even woke to about an inch of short-lived snow one morning.

The brisk air is invigorating, and I'm enjoying the changing of the seasons. I have several projects to finish up before the cold weather strikes in earnest, but hard work and perseverance should help knock those out.

I hope you enjoy this week's newsletter and find the information helpful.


WordTips (menu) for 22 October 2016

Customizing Word
Helpful Pop-up Screen Tips

Screen tips can be helpful to people reading your document on-screen. Using the technique described here, you can add screen tips to any words you want.

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Word is a great word processor
Determining the Template Attached to a Document

If you've opened a document in Word, that document has a template attached to it. This tip looks at what those templates do and shows you how you can figure out which template is actually attached to the document.

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These Autos are Amazing!

Word provide four "auto" tools that can make developing documents faster, easier, and more consistent. When you put AutoText, AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, and AutoFormat to work for you, you've harnessed some serious tools. Uncover the secrets of these tools!

Opening a Document as Read-Only

Afraid of messing up an existing document by some changes you are considering? Consider opening the document as read-only, so that any changes need to be saved in a brand new document.

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Word is a great word processor
Quickly Inserting the Date Your Way

Tired of messing with inserting the date and then changing it to a format that is more to your liking? There's a quick way you can set up Word to allow you to enter dates in just the manner that you want, as described in this tip.

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