Happy Independence Day

To those living in the United States, I hope you are having a great Independence Day. We are celebrating the holiday, but also attending a biannual family reunion today.

I hope you enjoy the tips in this issue of the newsletter.


WordTips (menu) for 4 July 2015

Paragraph formatting
Graphics and Line Height

If the inline graphics in your document appear "chopped off," it could be directly related to the formatting within the paragraph containing the graphic. This tip explains why this chopping happens and how you can adjust formatting so that the entire graphic shows up.

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Picking Up in the Last Document Edited

Sometimes it seems that we focus on getting a particular document hammered out to the exclusion of other documents we could be working with. Here's how you can speed up the process of loading the last document you worked on and jumping to the proper place in that file.

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New Version of PerfectIt Just Released

PerfectIt is an MS Word add-in that spots mistakes that spelling and grammar checkers can?t find. It saves time on proofreading, and helps to enforce your organization?s house style. The new version (PerfectIt 3) has just been released, and to mark the occasion, WordTips readers can get a 25% discount. Click this link to apply the discount and get your copy now.

Word is a great word processor
Hiding the Reviewing Toolbar

Does the Reviewing toolbar keep popping up whenever you create a document? Here's a possible reason, along with what you can do about it.

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Creating macros
Determining If a Number is Odd or Even

Need to know if a number in a macro is odd or even? It's easy to figure out with the simple calculation shown in this tip.

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