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WordTips (menu) for 23 July 2016

Moving Breaks Quickly

Breaks in a document can be easily moved from one place to another using familiar editing techniques. The trick is to make sure that you are viewing your document in Normal view.

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Positioning the Cursor in a New Document

Creating special templates is a great way to establish "standards" for your documents. With a little ingenuity you can even force the insertion point to a set location in a new document created from your templates. This tip shows how easy this is to accomplish.

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Fantastic Fields!

At last count Word provides 75 dynamic field codes you can use to add everything from page numbers to hyperlinks to your documents. Discover the ins and outs of the vast majority of Word's powerful field codes.

Word is a great word processor
Getting Rid of Background Color in All Tables

When working with tables (particularly those created by others), you can spend a large amount of time getting the formatting the way you want. If you need to routinely remove background shading from tables, here's a couple of ways you can make your task easier.

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Two Keys with the Press of One

Sometimes it could be helpful to have Word substitute two characters for the one that you type, for instance to replace a slash with a slash followed by a no-width optional space. (This could possibly help in the proper breaking of information between lines in Word.) This can be accomplished with AutoCorrect, but you may want to carefully think through the change before doing it, as discussed in this tip.

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