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WordTips (menu) for 28 March 2015

Word is a great word processor
Moving Table Rows Quickly

One of the most esoteric shortcuts available in Word is one that allows you to move table rows, either within a table or outside of a table. Here's a description of the shortcut and how it works.

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Guidelines for Laser Printer Letterhead

Plan on using printed letterhead in your laser printer? Here are some tips and cautions about doing so.

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These Autos are Amazing!

Word provide four "auto" tools that can make developing documents faster, easier, and more consistent. When you put AutoText, AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, and AutoFormat to work for you, you've harnessed some serious tools. Uncover the secrets of these tools!

Using Callouts

If you want to put comments in your document, you can use Word's built-in comment feature. Another way is to use callout graphics (which function like text boxes) to add your comments.

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Creating macros
Repeating In a Macro

Macros are often used to process information stored in documents. Usually the processing involves some sort of iterative action within the document, such as doing a search and every time the searched-for item is found, perform a task. Understanding how to perform this type of repeating can be very powerful.

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