New Tasks and New Responsibilities

Now that Autumn is here, the kids are back in school, and things are starting to settle down, why not share information about WordTips with a friend or coworker? After all, Autumn often means new tasks and new responsibilities or new homework, if you are a student. Might Word (and WordTips) be helpful to that friend or coworker?

Give it a thought, then give them a tip. Send them to this webpage if they are using an older version of Word (2003 and older), or to this webpage if they are using one of the modern versions of Word.


WordTips (menu) for 3 October 2015

Paragraph formatting
Getting Rid of Choppiness in Justified Text

Justified text doesn't always produce the best-looking results. Here's how to avoid some of the choppiness that can occur.

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Spelling and grammar
Spell Checking Forms

Word may be used to create protected forms that limit where the user may input data. Normally spell checking is disabled in protected documents. This tip shows how to enable spell checking in protected forms.

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One Day Sale on PerfectIt

PerfectIt is an MS Word add-in that helps you proofread your documents. It finds difficult-to-locate errors, improves your text, and saves you valuable time. Best of all, if you buy today then you can get a 25% discount. It's an incredible offer, so click to BUY NOW.

Word is a great word processor
Jumping to a Footnote

Jumping to a specific footnote can be very handy if your document has a lot of footnotes in it. Word provides the capability to move to the footnote location; just use the technique described in this tip.

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Animated Menus

Want to get a bit fancy with how the Word interface behaves? You can configure Word so that its menus don't just appear, they "animate." Here's how.

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