Rare Occurrences

Did you notice that today's date is a progression of numbers? December 12, 2014 is 12/13/14, which I think is pretty cool in a trivial sort of way. It also is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. (This precise sequence won't happen for another 100 years.)

Speaking of things that only come by once in a great while, I wanted to remind you that the Word Terrific Tables e-books are on sale right now. (I mentioned these in last week's newsletter.) They will remain on sale for a few more days, with the 30% discount ending after Wednesday. After that, the e-books won't go back on sale for years.

Anyway, check it out before the opportunity is gone. You can find full information here:


Have a great week!


WordTips (menu) for 13 December 2014

Word is a great word processor
Hyphenating Your Document

One of the final touches you can add to a document is to hyphenate it. This allows text to flow more smoothly from line to line, giving your document a more professional look. Here's how to achieve the hyphenation.

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Macros extend Word
Finding Long Lines

Word is very dynamic in how it "flows" text from one line to another and one page to another. In most cases we are willing to allow Word to do its job in this area. In some situations, however, you may need to know if a paragraph has flowed to a new line so that you can "force" it to fit all on one line. Making this determination is not as easy as you might like.

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Find what You Need, then Replace It

Find and Replace is the most powerful tool in Word's editing arsenal. Discover how you can use this tool to zero in on just the portion of your document that you need. From simple searches to complex patterns, you can use and master Find and Replace.

Setting Fraction Bar Thickness in the Equation Editor

The Equation Editor is a great tool for easily creating fancy-looking equations in your document. You can even control minute equation elements, such as the thickness of the bar used between numerator and denominator in a fraction. Here's how.

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Printing All Open Documents

Have a bunch of documents you need to print? If all the documents are open, you can use a handy little macro to print them all at once.

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