Busy, Busy

This past few weeks has been rather hectic, with lots of time spent on the road. I've driven well over 2,500 miles and flown another 1,800. I hate living out of a suitcase, but April has shaped up to be that type of month. I've been traveling for business, for pleasure, and for family responsibilities. There are some days I can't tell whether I'm coming or going!

Hectic or not, the show must go on (as they say), so I'm glad to be able to send you this week's issue of the newsletter. I hope you have a great week!


WordTips (menu) for 18 April 2015

Extracting Pictures from a Document

Word allows you to easily insert pictures into your documents. Getting the pictures back out of your documents can be another story, however. Here's a description of what happens to your pictures once they are inserted and what your options are for getting them out.

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Printer Name on the Status Bar

The status bar is a great place to display all sorts of information. It might not be the best place to put the name of the selected printer, however. Here are some ideas on how you can accomplish the task of knowing which printer you are printing to, without really relying on the status bar.

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Fantastic Fields!

At last count Word provides 75 dynamic field codes you can use to add everything from page numbers to hyperlinks to your documents. Discover the ins and outs of the vast majority of Word's powerful field codes.

Microsoft Chart
Picking a Number Format For an Axis

Microsoft Graph is a handy way to add charts to your document if you don't have access to Excel. Here's how to adjust the formatting for numbers displayed along a chart axis.

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Web capabilities
Getting Rid of Many Hyperlinks

Need to get rid of hyperlinks that result when you paste information from the Internet into your document? Here's the ways you can go about getting rid of them.

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