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   Applying Bullets from the Keyboard
Most people use the toolbars to apply bullets to paragraphs. If you want to apply them using the keyboard, then you can do so with a bit of preparation.

   Applying Numbers from the Keyboard
Creating a numbered list is often done by using tools on the toolbars or the ribbon. With a bit of preparation you can create numbered lists using keyboard shortcuts.

   Changing Characters on Keyboard Keys
Want to assign some fancy characters to keyboard keys for characters you seldom use? There are a couple of ways you can map different characters to keys, as described in this tip.

   Potential Shortcut Key Problems
When configuring Word so that it matches your preference in shortcut keys, you need to be careful about what shortcut keys you select. Here's an explanation of the problems you can run into if you aren't careful.

   Quickly Customizing the Keyboard
Want a quick way to change the shortcut key associated with a tool available on a ribbon, toolbar, or menu? Here's one esoteric shortcut that will help in that regard (and it displays a cool cloverleaf mouse pointer).

   Resetting a Single Shortcut Key
Need to get rid of a keyboard shortcut key you previously defined? It's easy to do if you follow these steps.

   Resetting All Shortcut Keys
At some point you might want to wipe out all the custom shortcut keys you've created in Word. This is easy to do by following the steps in this tip.

   Spell-Checking from the Keyboard
If you hate to take your hands from the keyboard, even to right-click on a word, you'll love the information in this tip. You'll discover that you need the mouse even less than you thought!

   Using the Insert Key to Insert Text
The Insert key can be used for different purposes, depending on how you configure the program. This tip explains those uses and shows how to make the configuration change.

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