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   Automatically Selecting Words
When editing a document, Word normally selects entire words as you use the mouse to select text. This tip explains why this occurs and how you can change this behavior, if you desire.

   Easily Extending Selections
The F8 key is a shortcut that allows you to turn on Word's extend mode. This mode is used to "extend" the text being selected. It is not the only way to select text, but it offers benefits that other selection methods do not offer. Here is one of the handy benefits of using the extend mode.

   Quickly Selecting Text
Want a really quick way to select text? Just combine the Shift key with a simple mouse click.

   Replacing Text Selections
When editing a document, Word normally replaces whatever text you select with whatever you start to type. Here's how to turn off that capability, if you find it annoying.

   Selecting a Group of Words
Want to select a chunk of text in a document? Perhaps the easiest way to do this involves using the mouse in conjunction with the keyboard, as described in this tip.

   Selecting a Line of Text
Many word processing programs include commands that allow you to select a line of text. Word doesn't, but you can use the mouse to select lines of text, and it is probably easier than you think.

   Selecting a Sentence
Need to select an entire sentence? It's easy by making one small adjustment to how you click the mouse.

   Selecting a Text Block
Word has an interesting way of allowing you to select a rectangular block of text, without reference to what may be within that block. The key to using this feature is the shortcut key described in this tip.

   Selecting a Word
Selecting text is a critical skill to possess when you want to work with a Word document. This tip explains how you can select entire words with just a quick double-click of the mouse.

   Selecting an Entire Paragraph
Paragraphs are an elemental building block for documents. This tip explains the different ways you can select entire paragraphs of text.

   Selecting an Entire Section
Documents can be subdivided into sections, with each of them formatted differently. If you want to select all the text in a particular section, then you can follow the steps outlined in this tip, or create your own shortcut using the included macro code.

   Selecting Sentences
Need to select an entire sentence at once? You can do so by creating a short macro that does the task for you, or you can assign shortcut keys to some built-in Word commands that aren't normally accessible.

   Selecting the Entire Document with the Mouse
Want a quick way to select your entire document without taking your hand off of the mouse? Try clicking away using the technique described in this tip.

   Using ASCII and ANSI Characters
Word natively supports several types of character sets. The most common characters sets are known as ASCII and ANSI characters. This tip explains what these are and how to use them in Word.

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