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   Adding Ampersands to Custom Dictionaries
It appears that Word doesn't allow you to define custom dictionary entries that include ampersands. There are ways you can work around this apparent problem, including a way that relies on AutoCorrect to mark your text so it is ignored by the proofing tools.

   Backing Up Your Custom Dictionaries
When you work with the spelling checker quite a bit, you eventually end up with a sizeable custom dictionary. You might want to back up that dictionary for some reason, but not know where to find it. Here's what you need to do.

   Cannot Add Words to Dictionary
We all run across words that are spelled correctly, but that Word isn't aware of. The solution is to add those words to the custom dictionary. What if Word won't let you add the words, however?

   Dictionaries for Microsoft Word
Word allows you to develop custom dictionaries or use custom dictionaries that have been developed by other people. Finding such dictionaries can be challenging at times, but this tip provides some suggestions on where you can find these helpful files.

   Editing Custom Dictionaries
Custom dictionaries can be great, but they take quite a bit of time to create. Word provides a way you can edit your custom dictionaries, or you can simply edit one using a text editor. This tip shows how to make the changes.

   Expanding a Custom Dictionary
Does Word tell you that your custom dictionary is full? It might not actually be full, but even if it is you can add another custom dictionary to those that Word uses.

   Inconsistent Adding of Words to a Custom Dictionary
Custom dictionaries are a great way to adapt the spelling and grammar checkers to your needs. If you find that Word isn't adding words to the custom dictionaries consistently, here's some things you can check to correct the situation.

   Merging Custom Dictionaries
It is possible to develop a custom dictionary on your computer that reflects the types of documents with which you work most often. If you have several people in your office, at some point you may want to take each person's custom dictionary and combine them into a single dictionary that reflects the way everyone works. Here's how to do it.

   Symbols in Words Added to the Dictionary
Adding special characters to otherwise normal words, such as a company name, may be necessary. However, this could affect how Word understands and interprets the word.

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