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   Aligning Text in WordArt
WordArt provides several ways you can align whatever text you've entered. In this tip you discover the different alignment options and how to apply them.

   Applying Text Options in WordArt
WordArt is a great tool for adding color and variety to your documents. Here's how to apply different types of text-related options to what you create.

   Changing Color in WordArt
You can make your document flashier by using WordArt to punch it up. Here's how you can change the color of the text in the WordArt for even more effect.

   Changing WordArt Text
WordArt can be used with just about any text you want. Here's how to change the text.

   Fonts in WordArt
Want to make sure that people can view your WordArt as you intended? Then you'll want to make sure that you follow these font tips.

   Getting Rid of the Jaggies in WordArt
Sometimes the fonts you use in your WordArt creations can look smooth and clean on the screen, but when printed, have jagged edges. This tip explores why this might happen.

   Placing WordArt Over Graphics
WordArt is a program that allows you to insert fancily formatted text, as a graphic, in your document. If you want your WordArt to overlap other graphics in your document, you'll appreciate the ideas in this tip.

   Rotating Fractions in a Text Box
Rotating graphics in Word is not always straight-forward, but it can be done. The tools on the Drawing toolbar allow you to modify the graphics in your document to your needs.

   Saving WordArt Graphics as Files
WordArt can be a handy tool for creating all sorts of flourishes on traditional text. If you want to save the graphic generated by WordArt in its own file, then you'll need to use one of the techniques described in this tip.

   Specifying a Font in WordArt
WordArt is a great add-in that allows you to insert creative wording into your document. This tip shows how you can change the font used by WordArt to display its text.

   Understanding WordArt
One of the small graphical features provided with Word is the ability to apply artistic treatment to words or phrases. This is done through the WordArt program, overviewed in this tip.

   Using Different Shapes in WordArt
You can apply different shapes in WordArt to create different effects.

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