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Editing AutoCorrect ACL Files

Siegfried uses the AutoCorrect feature to save many abbreviations in five different languages. He wonders if there is any way of opening an ACL file in an editor, editing some entries, and saving it such that it can be used in the AutoCorrect function with the edited changes. In other words, he would like to edit ACL files for different languages without having to go through the one-by-one entries via the AutoCorrect menu.

Over the years there have been several macros developed that allow ACL files to be exported and imported, most notably so they could be moved from one machine to another. In the process of exporting, the ACL file is in a condition that can be edited prior to importing it again.

One such macro is mentioned at the Microsoft Knowledge Base, at this address:


This macro will work with Word 2000 or (it appears) with later versions. There are problems with it, however, as it won't work well on more complex ACL files, such as those using multi-paragraph corrections. In that case, you will want to check out the explanations (and associated macros) at the Word MVP site, located here:


The macros at this site are much more robust than those at Microsoft's site. When you export the AutoCorrect entries, they are in a text file that can be easily edited using a text editor.

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Comments for this tip:

ronna    13 Jan 2017, 05:19
@ Debra - comments must get purged after a certain length of time.

You should be able to simply copy your acl file - for Windows try
Users > your name > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Office.

Of course where I said "your name" , don't type verbatim 'your name' but rather what your name actually is (lol).

The file to look for is MSO1033.

I use Windows 7 and MS Word 2003 so this might be different if you have a different operating system and version of Word - but save that to a thumb/flash drive and then copy it onto your laptop in the same location.

I hope this helps.

PS: I had posted over a year ago when I needed to export my autocorrect files to a different platform - I had too many autocorrects to fit in the table MS Word uses for this function and I was provided a different macro to accommodate my copious autocorrect entries.

If this macro is what you are looking for, email me at myamusinglife at gmail dot com and I can send you that macro.

-- Ronna :o)
Debra    13 Jan 2017, 03:57
I got notified about comments on here but there's only the question and great tips as usual and info about donating. Was there an answer to this question about moving acl file to laptop? Has it been deleted (along with I think there was other info that was originally posted here)?
(I also use copious autotext entries and so am interested. Thanks. :O) )
allen@sharonparq.com    31 Dec 2016, 19:57

You can always, if desired, send donations via PayPal to sales@sharonparq.com

Richard O.    31 Dec 2016, 19:49
Great tip, as always.

I wish you had an option to donate without buying any books.
Cathy Mitchell    29 Dec 2016, 20:48
I have an extensive medical/scientific autocorrect file which I use in Word for Mac 2011 on a 2011 MacBook Pro.
I have just acquired a new MacBook Pro to replace my 2011 Pro. I have messed up the styles and mistakenly made changes to the normal document which has been annoying to live with. And I haven't been doing the software updates for Word. I do not wish to import these problems to my new MBPro!
I plan to purchase the new version of Office for Mac (is it 2015 or 2016?).
Is it possible to cleanly copy my autocorrect file from Word for Mac 2011 to my new laptop running the new Word software?
I really look forward to hearing back from you!
Thank you.

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