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Merging with Two Data Sources

Minh asked if there is a way to do a merge of two data sources with a single merge document? Word allows you to merge a single data source with a merge document, but he couldn't find a way to merge more than one data source.

The reason you can't find the option is that it doesn't exist. Word doesn't provide a facility for multiple data sources. You can, however, do two separate merges, changing the data source between the two passes. Provided that the merge fields are the same in both data sources, you would end up with two merged documents created from each pass. You could then combine the two documents together via a simple copy and paste.

If you are looking for a way to include different merge fields from each of the different data sources, there is no way to accomplish that—at least that we've been able to find.

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Comments for this tip:

Anna    18 Feb 2016, 04:48

What if I have my address list in one Excel document, but in case of a few addressees I need to use "the other correspondence address" from another column then the rest. If conditional formatting helps, so which one will apply: Excel's or Mail Merge's?

Many thanks.

Ciro Rocha    24 Jan 2016, 04:29
I'm giving a try to subdocuments for this purpose. Subdocuments may host their own data sources, and therefore merge different reports.
I've spotted some weird outcomes though:
After creating subdocuments, word inserts many section breaks. I've just deleted them;
If we update all the fields in the master document, subdocument mergefields loose their connection. Subdocuments should be locked, so that no unintended changes are made.
But after closing and reopening the master document, the lock is gone. Each subdocument may be manually locked up again.

Beside that, I've been able to do "multiple" mail merges in a single document.
To those who, as me, didn't know about subdocuments, try outline view (ctrl + alt + o).
Kathy Vernacchio    15 Oct 2015, 18:09
I found this method on TechRepublic

Gwen A. Johnson    28 Jul 2015, 13:12
How do I merge multiple forms using one data source file? Is there a way to have the document start the merge upon opening?

Thank you.
Milo C.    24 Jun 2015, 08:52
This is not entirely true. You can do an MS Query and treat the multiple spreadsheets as joined data sources. See Microsoft article KB180599. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/180599
Sonja    16 Jun 2015, 16:26
I am trying to merge a very large excel file into a word document. I am using 2013. All is fine up to a certain point and then Word cuts off my list - the excel doc has a lot more data on that I cannot see in Word...
Please help me!
lokesh    23 Apr 2014, 03:27
Well, It is cleared that, my confusion. Till now now I searched for which don't exist, I am very happy for that for your alternative solutions

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