Open Documents Suddenly Become Read-Only

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated February 28, 2018)


Subscriber John McQuillan ran into a problem with one of his document files. It seems that Word periodically, and without warning, converts a file to "read only" while it is being used. It doesn't do this right after opening the file, but at different times while using the document, and most of the time after the file had already been saved a couple of times. Suddenly, the status of the file would change on its own, and when John tried to save again, Word wouldn't let him because the file was read-only.

We've not been able to discover the real cause for this problem, but one of our subscribers reported that she experienced the same problem with some Word 97 documents. It wouldn't happen to all the documents, but once it did happen to a particular document, it would keep happening to that document no matter what she did. The only way she was able to get around the problem was to turn off the automatic backup file feature in Word (Tools | Options | Save tab, clear Always Create Backup Copy) while working in that document.

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What is five minus 4?

2021-08-06 22:37:39


I think this is caused by OneDrive. I am using Office 365 with OneDrive and I opened the file from the "documents" folder, which is a pointer to the OneDrive folder. Word says on the top bar something like saved to this PC. If I click on that, it tells me to open it from OneDrive. When I do that, it shows the path like Just guessing now, but I think that was the issue as I had previously had it opened from the OneDrive (Sharepoint) URL.

2021-08-01 08:57:29

Frank Dauenhauer

Regarding the document that unexplainably became "read-only," one remedy could be to select the entire document, deselect the final character in it, then copy the selected material and paste it into a new document, which you would then save under the same name, but with the designation "(2)" in its name. The new document would then become your main document, and it would presumably not have the same problem.

2021-08-01 08:24:55


When Word does strange things the most common cause is an add-in that is incompatible with the latest Word update. To test this, open Word in safe mode and see if the problem is still present.

2021-07-31 13:42:45


I am plagued with this problem, particularly on an important, regularly accessed or updated document. None of the generally prescribed solutions seem to work and I find the only reliable solution is to shut down the PC and restart it. Then, when I try to open the troublesome document i get a message "...last opened in Read Only mode, do you wish to continue Read Only" (or something similar). Selecting No brings the document up with full access for modifying and resaving.

Closing Word does NOT cure the problem; it must be a full reboot - which leads me to believe that the cause of the problem lies outside of the Word application.

Clearly, rebooting is rather tedious and I usually effect a temporary cure by copying and saving with a slightly different name. I could then delete the original document via Explorer, rename the new one, etcetera, but the Rread Only problem is almost certainly likely to recur. Thus, a reboot seems inevitable.


2020-04-06 15:11:38


Had this happen after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. To fix: In File Explorer, go to \users\(yourself)\. Right click on Documents, and select "Properties". At the bottom, if it shows "Read only" ticked, untick it and click "Apply". Seems good now.

2020-03-31 03:17:29


I faced the same error in Mac Word and I noticed that it happened after I copy pasted formatting

2020-02-06 18:05:46


just add your folder address to trust location on office app

2019-05-05 04:52:13

J Nicholson

I've mentioned this previously, but my comment may have been missed. I found the culprit to be the 'preview pane'. When this was switched off I had no more problems with 'read-only'.

2019-05-04 21:24:25

Rudy Janke

My old college subscription had ended. That was my problem

2019-05-01 01:37:46

Ray Wilson

It happens A LOT! Windows software is generally pretty intrusive -- simply not letting me type and format without its unwanted "help".

2019-04-27 15:38:18


I just had a couple of Word 97 Documents suddenly become read only that I fixed by going to the Edit tab >Select All> Right Click>Cut. then open a new blank document and right click again and Paste. Then save the contents with a new name. Both the original and new document will exist but the original read only version and the new one will be normal and you can delete one of them

2019-04-19 16:29:40


I'm having the identical issue on my Office 365 version of Word!! Nice to know that over a decade later Microsoft still hasn't been able to get hold of competent developers or clean up their act.

2019-04-11 17:01:25

Carina Whitham

Hi Allen,
I have a huge issue with my Word Docs. I have documents from 2014 that I have to produce showingt when the document originally was created. When I open the Word doc, and I have not touched it since 2014, it suddenly says that it was created on the exact day I opened it, when it was really created 5 years ago. This is evidence that is now lost and it is going to be a huge issue.

I cannot myself insert any dates. I need the date the document originated from.

Please help!

Thank you!


2018-12-21 14:54:56

Michael King

All my Word documents have suddenly become "read Only". None of the online recommended actions achieves anything. Excel is not affected.

Anyone any suggestions please????

2018-12-04 12:36:53


I am using Word 365 and I ran into this problem this morning. This could be a massive problem for me if it were to happen to any of my documents that contain active links to Excel workbooks. I tried to follow the sample fix provided, but my version of Word did not have the same options in the Save tab.

(see Figure 1 below)

I searched through some of the other Word Options (File | Options) and could not see any indication that my file was read only. However, when I opened the folder location where the file was located and right-clicked on the file, the read-only attribute box was checked.

(see Figure 2 below)

I clicked on the box to uncheck the attribute and now my document has been released from the restriction that Word decided to place on it.

Figure 1. 

Figure 2. 

2018-11-15 03:04:14

Johannes dne Boer

I noticed with a user with 2 open excel files a file permission contamination between the 2 processes. One file was own created and suddenly not possible anymore to edit or save. Other file was a read-only from an email. After closing the read-only file suddenly the read-only permission on the first file dissapeared and the user could save the file once again.

2018-10-11 07:46:52


This might help.


Right click on the ‘folder’ and create a new DWORD Value.

Now right click on QFE_SASKATCHEWAN and click on modify.
Type in the value 2 field and click OK.

2018-09-05 11:58:47


Could this relate to working in a network with the document on the server, and the network signal "blips" so Word saves the document in read only?

2018-08-28 00:07:33


Hi I found the fix for Word documents automatically converting to read-only after PC wakes from sleep: just go to Device Manager, go to Network Adapters and right-click on the adapter and update drivers to the latest. Problem solved!

2018-08-07 12:14:54

Jan Hurst-Nicholson

I had this problem some time ago and the culprit was the preview pane.

2018-08-06 18:33:07

Patricia J Morton

I'm having the same problem and it's driving me crazy. I'm working on a long, complicated documents and every once in a while it flips to "read only" - I'm the only person working on this document.

2018-07-30 13:39:03


You can include Word 2017 (web-based) in the faulty list: new documents just started doing that this week. Saves once, then claims read-only after that. :(

2018-05-10 15:35:45

Terry Bahill

The MS speech recognition system was the source of the problem for me
Word 360, Windows 10
Shutting off speech recognition solved the problem
It also shut off my microphone

2018-02-28 09:42:21

Chris Rigden

Re: Open Documents Suddenly Become Read-Only

I get this problem with Docx. files on MAC OS.

I have found that read-only is triggered when I use the format brush in the Word document. Not found anything else that triggers it (yet!)


2018-02-18 16:15:54


Just wanted to say that Lisa's comment fixed mine!

2018-01-21 16:46:26

eyal cohen

i have excel file on the server first user open it corectly second user open it it need to be read only
so it dasent haapend beaces sadenly the first user can becam resd only and the second beacome write

can u help me with that?

2017-10-11 14:37:27


I'm having a similar thing happen. In Word 2016, I noticed that sometimes I open documents in read only and sometimes not. I started to pay attention to how I open documents and when it happens.

1. I use File Open, select the document, click Open. It's fine.
2. I use File Open, double click to open the file, It's fine.
3. I use File Open, select the file, then double click to open. READ ONLY.

I can recreate this over and over again.

Others in my office have tried it and they don't experience the same results.

2017-02-16 11:58:14


Just installed Windows 10 and my files also were coming up read only, even though the properties of the file indicated it was not. After some clicking around I think I fixed it.

Right Click the Documents Folder
UNCLICK the pesty Read Only Box.

Do this for each folder (pictures, movies, downloads etc...

Once you do this you will get pop up windows that have you APPLY the change and hit OK.

It should fix it. The problem is a default setting on the main folder that converts everything.

Hope it helps someone.

2016-10-31 20:50:08

Rich TX

It happens in Word 2010 as well. I have to save it with a new name. When I then exit word, the original file is NOT read only (as verified from "Properties"). It appears that Word thinks it is read only, when, in reality, it isn't.

Maybe there are editing restrictions from the "Review" tab??

2016-06-30 14:39:55

Douglas Shorb

I'm having a simular problem in Word 10 only with passwords. When Autorecovery is turned on, it removes the password when it times out (every 10 minutes, etc). When I close the document the file is saved unprotected.

Note: I've turned off autorecovery, but word keeps turning it back on. Is this the same issue?

2016-05-03 09:55:12


Turning off autobackup is risky, I just save the document in another format such as .docm when this happens to me

2016-04-23 12:06:28

Philip Cohen

Well, I've no longer got the problem with Word 2016 running on Windows 10; my only regret is that my old faithful Word 2003 was not compatible with Windows 10 and I had to upgrade to the hideous user interface of the later versions of Word, in this case Word 2016 ...

Now, I have the problem that I refuse to use the hideous "Edge" browser, but Internet Explorer continually crashes and reopens sites ...

2016-04-22 09:49:15


In Word 2013, my document has suddenly started to automatically revert to "File", which prevents from doing anything normally carried out under the "Home" Heading.
How can I prevent this annoying feature?

2016-04-21 19:05:07


This happens to me, and doesn't give any warning.

2016-04-07 07:40:58


Darryl, The problem was solved for me by closing the preview pane. I am using Windows 7.

2016-04-06 15:58:44

Darryl Roberts

The "read only" box in the properties for my Word documents has never been ticked - yet I cannot save a document after a few saves because I am told it's "read only". Have not even attempted trying all the seriously complicated and confusing remedies mentioned in all the comments as the conclusion in every single case was that they never solved the problem anyway. Bottom line is that Microsoft seem unable to produce a word processor program that does not frustrate the crap out of its customers. Microsoft Word is by far the biggest source of stress in my life - its a piece of junk program and the idiots at microsoft need to fix it. Sick and tired of this rubbish.

2016-03-08 02:03:10

Mark Young

I have Windows 7 Professional. Suddenly found all Word documents opened read only. Also you could not rename or delete Word files. Creating a new word document from scratch and copying the text in from an existing document was fine until you closed the file and opened it again to find it was then changed to read only. Have noticed this read only issue with Word documents has been widely reported for some time.

Some references suggested check using Windows Explorer to see if the folder properties are set to 'Read-only (Only applies to files in folder)'. Found all folders were found to be set to Read-only. Manually clearing this applying to all sub-folders and files completed the task fine but all the folders immediately reverted to read only. The Windows account being used throughout was administrator with Full Control.

Some references advised deleting normal.dotm so that Word would recreate it from scratch. In Windows Explorer the file icon for normal.dotm was found to have a '!' present and was set to read only. The only way found to delete it was in Windows Safe Mode. However this did not resolve Word documents being read only.

Experienced another issue with password protected Excel files. You could not open a file via a double click in Windows Explorer when Excel was not running. However if you opened Excel first and then, say opened the file by picking it in the Recent list, it opened fine. However Excel would not then allow you to close the file (it would hang).

Found a reference that linked read only Word files to the Windows Explorer Preview Pane. I had noticed the preview pane had recently come on (never used before) and thought this was possibly the result of an update. Found the icon in Windows Explorer and manually turned it off (then thinking I may have accidentally previously clicked this icon turning it on when actually trying to change the view options).

Turning the preview pane off in Windows Explorer cured both MS Office issues. Noting all folders in Windows Explorer remain set to read only.

Have just tested turning the preview pane back on. Word documents did not revert to read only. However the issues with password protected Excel files returned. Turning preview pane off cured this.

2015-12-29 02:06:29


I just updated my mac to El Capitan and downloaded the latest version of office. Now all the sudden I have read only? I don't have Tools/Options/Save Tab. Please help!

2015-11-24 14:48:57


Lisa comment July 29 2015, I did what you said still my folder was read only, but the info inside the folder was not read only. So I took my data out of the folder and deleted the folder. Everything now works OK. Maybe it has something to do with creating a folder. Hope this hels others. and Thanks

2015-10-29 08:53:56

Elizabeth Boepple

When I uncheck "read only" in the Microsoft Office folder, every time I go back,it instantly shows that box checked again. It will not stay in checked.

Microsoft published steps to resolve this, but they are so convoluted I didn't bother.

2015-10-29 08:48:18

Elizabeth Boepple

When I uncheck "read only" in the Microsoft Office folder, every time I go back,it instantly shows that box checked again. It will not stay in checked.

2015-10-28 12:24:30


I recently upgraded to windows 10 and the most recent version of word. Not sure which caused the problem. But all my word and excel, files are all read only now. The only way I can fix it is creating new files copy and paste. Very frustrating I have a lot files. I wish Microsoft would address this I am learning that this has been happening for at least the last 5 years.

2015-09-11 08:31:29

Frank M

My problem in Windows10 for a second user was to check File Properties for the user data folder, click on the Security tab and check that HOMEUSERS have "full control" of the folder.

2015-08-12 05:18:15


I've decided to keep Windows 10 on my stand-by laptop to get used to how it works and to monitor its progress as an OS. Since posting my previous comment, my main computer (desktop) has been reverted to Windows 7 because I can't afford the time to figure out what the problem is with the read-only glitch.

That reversion cost me all my up-to-the-minute files (my backup was a week old) because when I tried to back up my files, the error message kept saying it didn't recognize my DVD-R or DVD-RW disk whether I formatted them or not, and I had no choice but to do a System Recovery.

Hence, I am now shopping for an Apple computer which I will buy and transition to the alien (to me) OS over a period of time in order to get used to it. My brother uses an Apple and doesn't regret making the move after 6 years.

I should have listened to the advice of many who said I should wait about 6 months to upgrade to Windows 10 in order for Microsoft to iron out the immediate bugs. If you are a Windows devotee I suggest you follow that advice. I've been using Windows since the Millennium edition was released and I've had it with Microsoft.

2015-08-11 05:23:03

Ken Endacott

I have had the same problem after upgrading to Windows 10. All the files in a particular folder are suddenly Read-only.

2015-08-11 00:00:48


Something is amiss. I use Office 2007 and recently upgraded to Windows 10 and suddenly my files are "read-only" when I go to save them. I've used the standard methods presented here ad-nauseum and to no avail. I get a pop-up message which reads:

'DOCUMENT NAME.xlsx' is read-only. To save a copy, click okay, then give the workbook a new name in the Save As dialog box.

I realize that's an Excel extension but the problem exists with Word as well. I'm fed up with the default answer from techs which is to follow the same procedure even after many, many users say that doesn't solve the problem. I'm an intermediate user and take very good care of my four computers.

I reached Microsoft for tech support and ended the call before it was five minutes old after hearing they require of me to spend up to $124 to have the problem looked into. Why should I have to pay to fix something they screwed up?

2015-08-09 10:30:44


In addition to the steps below, I've found I had to click on "Advanced" and click off "Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties".
Sometimes my docs are still read-only if I open them. To resolve this, I can just close them and open them a second time. It's bizarre but, these steps seem to have worked to an extent.

2015-07-29 17:06:55


Thanks, MooreSand, your fix is working great so far. I will just reiterate this for Windows 8:

1. Open "This PC" (previously "My Computer") - if you can't find it, open any folder and look at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
2. Open the C: drive.
3. Open the "Program Files" folder.
4. Find the "Microsoft Office" folder and right click on it to get a drop-down menu.
5. Click on "Properties."
6. At the bottom of "General" look for "Attributes" and unselect the "Read-only" option.
7. Click "Apply".
8. Click "OK".

2015-07-22 10:52:59

dee drew

I have had this problem for a long time. I don't have a solution but a way to cope with it. I copy the document, no matter how long it is, and paste it into a blank Word page. This way I get a new editable version. It is a low-tech approach but it has helped me for years.

2015-06-12 08:03:22


I use Windows 10 on a pc. Thanks to some of the other tips I tried opening Word, then open the document from within Word and that worked. It was no longer Read Only. Before, I had been opening the document from Windows Explorer.

2015-06-10 15:59:27


I found a fix that is so simple it makes me sick that I spent an hour trying to figure out how to stop the automatic "read only."

1. Click on the MS button on the lower left hand side of your screen.
2. Click on "All Programs."
3. Find the Micro Soft Office Folder
4. Right click on the folder
5. Click on "Properties."
6. At the bottom of "General" look for Attributes and click off the Read-only file
7. for extra you may want to click on advanced and click off "Allow files in this fold to have contents indexed in addition to file properties
8. Click OK
9. Click Apply
10 Click OK

I hope works.

2015-05-02 06:56:35

saiyed mubin

sir i have lot off document in microsoft word 2007 file but i cant read this file i when you go to file and try to open this file and error this how to solve this AEDIMHJ File. i am very confused this error plase help me immidently

2015-02-18 12:13:53


Yep, turn off Preview pane and no more read only, nice one MickeySoft!

2015-02-13 08:24:28


Thanks a Lot for SOLUTION Read Only from

naveen 02 Jul 2013, 10:35

2015-02-11 10:39:36


On windows 7 there is a built-in remedy !

Type 'take ownership' in Search Programs and Files and it will take you to Access Control.

Follow the instructions and all will be solved ....

I've just done it and it works.

2015-02-09 16:13:31


This happened to me while using excel on my mac, if you have a "/" in the file name it will mess it up but you can fix it by just changing the name so it doesn't have a slash

2015-02-09 11:18:01


Quite nice workarounds/solutions (for me adding permissions to Word app for user is best):

2015-02-09 10:43:55


Unfortunately changing the read-only on folder doesn't help, please ignore my previous words;)

2015-02-09 10:04:05


In my case (Win 7 64bit, Word 2007) the problem was that containing folder was read-only (btw while my word file wasn't - which was misleading).

2015-01-24 22:40:37


I suddenly experienced the same problem on my Mac using a 2008 office program. After spending $150.00 for tech support the problem was solved. In the past when I used the slash "/" in the file name it was automatically changed to a dash "-". Now when I opened my old files the slash "/" was showing in the file name. As soon as I removed the slash the file would open correctly.

2015-01-14 10:38:25

Roslyn Farmer

I'm having this problem for the first time - in January 2015. I'm using Microsoft Word for Mac 2011, Version 14.4.7.

I'm using Yosemite 10.10.1 on a Mac Book Pro.

Not only do documents spontaneously turn into Read Only files - they also spontaneously turn into Web Files.

2015-01-06 14:45:08


This is still happening in Windows 7, with Office 2013 and Acrobat XI. Both Office files and PDFs become read-only when opened through Windows Explorer. The only solution (other than stop buying and using Microsoft products) is to turn off the preview pane. It's unfortunate because I often use the preview pane to help me determine which file I want to open.

2014-12-15 15:06:34


Okay so I was thinking of making a word document on the school's laptop and leave some things in it. So i made a folder and made a Microsoft Word document and i type '...' on the thing saved it and moved it to the folder. then i made it to a zipped folder and then i somehow i made the document into a open ready and then the zipped folder doesn't open and you have to do it manually, later i deleted the document but its still there but it says it 'file can't be found', so i emptied the recycling bin, but its still there so i go and open the zipped folder manually and i open the '...' im so confused...

2014-12-08 07:49:45


It could happen for big files, if the file is previewed in explorer. Try to click "examination panel", in the upper right corner of the explorer window.

2014-11-08 20:49:35


It affects Word for Mac, not just Windows. I haven't had it happen very often, just enough to be mildly annoying. I'm using Word 2011 with OS 10.7.5. None of the reasons suggested here are causing the problem. I'm just using the work-around of saving the file with a different name.

2014-10-30 20:41:07


I also experience this with Windows 8 and Office 2013.

2014-10-18 04:48:58

Tony Cooper

I use Word 2007 and the same bug happens to me. I have not found a way to cure it but get round it by using 'Save As' and adding a suffix (usually just a space and the letter 'a'). I then delete the original read-only file and change the name of the new file by removing the suffix. All fine, until it happens again, and then I have to repeat the process.

2014-10-17 12:49:54

cecilia e. thurlow

I had this read-only problem when trying to install PerfectIt2. It would not install and Daniel Heumann finally found the problem. Read-only was the culprit.

2014-10-15 21:16:42


It's not a fault with the Preview panel. I never have my Preview panel enabled and I keep facing this problem. Strangely, it only happens when accessing documents through a shared drive, and not on my local HDD.

2014-09-23 20:52:30


I was having large Word docs mysteriously come up read-only in seemingly random fashion. I think it was my virus package (Comodo)locking the doc against edit during its on-activation scan -- some kind of race condition with my large doc
that left the doc locked after the scan.
When a doc is left locked in this way, it comes up "read-only". When I added the doc's folder to Comodo's "don't scan" list, the problem went away.

2014-07-15 22:18:09


Thanks to naveen 02 Jul 2013, 10:35
- once I closed the preview panel files would open and not be in read only mode. I'm using Windows 7.

2013-11-25 07:56:54

Jan Hurst-Nicholson

Thank you SO much to Naveen for the Preview Pane fix. Wasted an entire morning tearing my hair out until I found this tip.

2013-07-02 10:35:05


The problem I had is open a word file and it opens in read-only mode - even if the read-only option is unchecked before.

In my case I found the problem to be in the folder preview. If you have the preview section enabled in the folder, and if the word file is selected (it is previewd) then if you open it, it open as read only no matter if this option is already unchecked.

The solution is change the view in the folder so that you dont have the preview section. Now open the word file, it opens as normal and also you can do editing/saving as normal.

tested on Win 7 and word 2010.

2013-04-22 04:33:38


This problem still exists in Word 2013. Why are old problems allowed to persist in new software when the publisher obviously knows it is there? This problem can lead to lost data, lost time, and a lot of stress.

Dear Microsoft... FIX IT!

2013-03-24 14:53:03


Sara Pennny's answer is the only one that worked for me. I pasted it below. I 'searched' for "document library preview panel" on my computer and a bunch of files came up from files I didn't even know I had. I deleted them, thenn emptied the recycle bin and low and behold...I could open documents without that awful "read-only" message. Thanks Sara.
Sara Penny 30 Sep 2012, 21:10
I suddenly started having this problem and none of the suggested tips worked until I hid the "document library preview panel" as suggested above. I figured it must have something to do with that, because Explorer wouldn't let me delete or rename the duplicate files I was forced to make - it told me they were still open in Word (when Word wasn't even open). Evidently the preview panel thinks its Word itself.

2013-03-08 06:40:49

Philip Cohen

Get the latest (14 Feb 2013) Microsoft Windows 7 service update and the problem is fixed; at least it has been for me ...

2013-03-07 07:18:29


I have tried saving it with another name, but it doesn't allow you to. If I save it as a Word 2007, it usually does. Then you wonder what changes it made by saving it as an earlier version.

2013-03-06 20:10:04


I my opinion, windows previews the file before you click on it to open.

When you do click on it. Windows is still 'reading' the file (similar to another networked user viewing it at the same time as you). Hence the local copy only opens up.

This is a windows read problem.

2013-02-15 17:56:02

Philip Cohen

MS Word (2003) spontaneous "read only"
Whooppeeeeee! Am I imagining things or has the latest Microsoft Windows 7 service update finally fixed this most irritating problem ...

2013-01-14 14:22:33


Yes, it's very random in turning docs both in Word and Excel read only. Where is the MS Website for feedback?

2012-12-04 14:56:37


This happens to me all the time at work and it drives me bonkers. I usually end up doing a Ctrl A-> Ctrl N-> Ctrl V and saving the whole thing as a new doc, replacing the old one. Very annoying.

2012-09-30 21:10:34

Sara Penny

I suddenly started having this problem and none of the suggested tips worked until I hid the "document library preview panel" as suggested above. I figured it must have something to do with that, because Explorer wouldn't let me delete or rename the duplicate files I was forced to make - it told me they were still open in Word (when Word wasn't even open). Evidently the preview panel thinks its Word itself.

2012-09-04 05:20:09

Chirag Dave

Guys, right click the word file properties/security - edit and add your current logged in username and assign full control. Now, you will be able to save your file.

2012-08-31 22:06:04

Elizabeth B.

Why after YEARS is this still happening but Microsoft remains silent about it?

2012-08-20 13:13:21


We too are experiencing this issue, it is primarily with documents that started their lives as a Word 2003 or earlier version but now are being used in a Word 2007 format.

The documents will behave normally often for many revisions, then out of the blue the document will "suddenly" turn "Read-Only". This is sporadic but somewhat prevalent. Additionally, it does tend to happen a little more frequently with documents containing tables, headers/footers, or Table of Contents/indexes.

We instruct our users to save to "new" version as to not lose any changes, but having to management duplicate copies is less than efficient.

Any resolution would be greatly appreciated.

Currenly we are in a Windows XP environment, soon to move to Windows 7

2012-07-12 04:34:45

Chet Kamal Parkash

No,Unchecking “Save AutoRecover info” is not helping.

2012-05-12 14:23:49


It seems that the problem is in the document library preview panel which opens documents for viewing temporarily. Hide the preview panel in the top right corner of the document library and all read only docs will open normally.

2012-03-29 04:42:35


I've been having this problem with Win XP too, so it's not just a Windows 7 problem. Just that you know.

2012-03-22 19:19:48


I write notes for my students with screenshots in them - sometimes ver large files. This happens regularly - it's why I am here looking for a fix. Working, saving to hard drive ok, then all of a sudden it's either read only or an error message appears telling me it can't save the file. The pictures are compressed. Word 2010 seems to make the files so much bigger than earlier versions, so perhaps that's why they fall over.
Also, once, when the file was recovered, all the text boxes had doubled up text in them.

2011-11-25 22:32:34

Philip Cohen

Same problem here.

Windows 7 / Word 2003 false “read-only” problem

I very recently upgraded to Windows 7 Pro x64 on new hardware. I am still using MS Word 2003. I have a Word file that I usually have open and regularly update and “save” but after doing only a couple of “saves” Word decides that the file will thereafter be “read-only” and presents me with the “save as” dialogue; the file is NOT read only and it is a nuisance having to delete and rename the resulting multiple files all the time.

(I do recall a few years ago, under Windows XP, when regularly saving an open Excel file that the same quirk used to pop up occasionally, but never then on a Word file.)

On cancelling the save, the title bar of Word adds to the file name the suffix “(Read-Only)”.

However, regardless of the circumstances, an examination of the properties for this file, at all times, indicates that the file is NOT “read only”.

I have tested the problem file on my laptop that is still running Windows XP. No problem there: it seems that I can make as many saves as I like on XP; indeed I had no problem with this file on my previous desktop running XP. Therefore it is a problem with Windows 7 or at least a problem with files created on XP …

I’ve tried creating a new Word 2003 file on Windows 7 and copying the data from the XP-created file thereto. I then modified and saved the file multiple times. Word presented me with the “Save as” dialogue when I attempted the fifth save. So the effect is habitually reproducible but it’s not even consistent with the number of saves it will allow before it goes to its false “read only” mode.

Unchecking “Save AutoRecover info” made no difference for me.

So, it appears to be (still) just a Windows problem.

Very frustrating …

2011-11-17 13:15:34


This has been going on for years, obviously. I am using Word 2007 on Windows 7, and since going to a gov't supported network it has been much worse. I am saving the document on my desktop and obviously the only person with access to it. The solution is obvious: Save As and give it another (similar) name.

2011-11-15 14:11:28


I had the same issue - it is exasperating!

In my case, the Word doc was still 'read-only' even after a fresh reboot in Safe Mode, and could not be deleted in Windows Explorer.

The SOLUTION for me was to go into Task Manager - Processes, and End Process on Winword.exe *32.

I have no idea why this process would start even after a reboot! Obviously, there is a bug; perhaps in the automatic backup as noted above??

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