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Table Won't Flow to Second Page

Pam is having a problem with a table. In the table, when she reaches the bottom of a page, instead of automatically going onto the next one, the text disappears off the sheet. It is still there; if she deletes rows further up then the text becomes visible. Pam wonders how she can fix the behavior.

There are several possible causes for the problem, Pam, and you'll have to try a few things to see what works. Before trying anything, however, make sure that your table is exhibiting the problem, meaning that it has text that flows beyond the bottom margin of the page. That way, if one of the fixes works, you'll see the table flow as it should to the next page.

First of all, check the formatting of the paragraphs used within the table. If the paragraphs have the "Keep with Next" setting selected, then it can cause problem with the flowing of the paragraphs within the table. Each paragraph tries to stay on the same page as the following paragraph, and since they can't all fit on the same page, Word can get a bit confused. Select all the paragraphs in the table, display the Line and Page Breaks tab of the Paragraph dialog box and clear the Keep with Next check box.

Next thing to check is the formatting of the table rows. You can set them up so that rows don't break across pages, meaning that a row won't split between two pages. If the table has a single row, and that row extends longer than a page, then Word once again gets a bit confused. Right-click the table, choose Properties, display the Row tab, and select the Allow Row to Break Across Pages check box.

There is another table property worth checking. If text wrapping for the table is turned on, then it can cause problems with the table extending beyond the bottom of the page. Right-click the table, choose Properties, display the Table tab, and click None in the Text Wrapping area.

Another thing to check is the compatibility settings used within Word. If the document is based on an old template, or the document was originally created in a very old version of Word, then it is possible that the compatibility settings are causing some weird text flowing problems. You check the compatibility settings by clicking Tools | Options | Compatibility tab.

If all else fails, try selecting the table, converting it to text, and then converting it back into a table. This should "reset" many of the table settings and your table may start behaving as expected.

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Comments for this tip:

FJ    19 Oct 2016, 03:45
You saved my rear!

". Right-click the table, choose Properties, display the Row tab, and select the Allow Row to Break Across Pages check box."

This fixed my issue.

Thank you so much!
Joshua    01 Oct 2016, 14:14
"Right-click the table, choose Properties, display the Table tab, and click None in the Text Wrapping area."

This solved my issue! Thank you!
David    29 Sep 2016, 11:43
Thanks! The first item fixed my problem!
Craig Lewis    18 Aug 2016, 18:04
Thank you for the hints. In my document (MS Word 2010), the table did not have a header but under table properties, "Repeat as header row at the top of each page" was checked. This prevented the table from extending to the next page. I unchecked this option and the table extended correctly onto the next page. Thank you for informing me about the Table Properties.
Laurent    27 Jul 2016, 07:26
For me works the second solution (so I have the second problem...). Thank you very much!
Selina    22 Jul 2016, 05:00
I had this problem recently and all my usual tricks didn't work and it was the daftest thing:

Jpegs – check any jpegs either in the table itself or even in the header/footer. If one is poking up above the margin line it can prevent the table row from sitting where it is supposed to be!
Heather    25 May 2016, 13:53
Thank you so much to Cindy - I tried all of the tips mentioned in the article, but it was yours that did the trick! The row height was specified for some of the rows and once I unticked that box, bam - my table worked perfectly the way I wanted it to. Thanks so much!
Niamh    06 May 2016, 17:43
Thanks! It took until the third solution but it solved my issue.
Alexandra    05 May 2016, 13:03
Thank you!!!! You saved me!
Helen    03 May 2016, 04:12
Million thanks Allen! The compatibility settings were problematic in my case.
Emmylou Cooke    10 Apr 2016, 20:12
Thanks! The paragraph 'keep with next' tip solved it for me.
Nick    10 Apr 2016, 06:58
Woohoo! Was driving me crazy- so frustrating. Text wrapping for the table was turned on. Fixed you beauty! THANK YOU
Max    25 Feb 2016, 00:49
Pics would be nice. Very hard to read inside from the text the key points.

Thank you any way.
SB    12 Feb 2016, 05:57
Brilliant!! Very clear and worked!! Thank you x
Greatful    11 Feb 2016, 18:03
Thanks! The "formatting of the table rows" explanation solved the problem.
karthic    02 Feb 2016, 08:45
Thank you. It resolved my issue.
Cindy    05 Jan 2016, 15:00
Go to Table Properties - Row -
If Specify height and Row height is EXACTLY is checked, Uncheck it.
Unknown    28 Dec 2015, 11:32
The compatibility settings worked. I clicked in "File" and there was an option to "Convert". Clicked on the option and it worked.
Mart    10 Dec 2015, 15:36
None of that helped me but thanks anyway for all tips! :)

My solution was - Table Properties - Row - and there was checked Specify height and Row height was EXACTLY, I unchecked the Row height and problem was gone! :)
Leah Schreyer    10 Dec 2015, 15:34
Another option, which was my problem, is check to see if the row heights are set:

Right click table - Table Properties - Row Tab - uncheck "Specify Height"
Jenna    29 Oct 2015, 16:26
The third possibility worked -- thank you so much!
Liz    28 Oct 2015, 17:13
This just fixed my problem! So helpful! Thanks!
Peter H    20 Oct 2015, 10:57
Thanks, this post, keeps helping people, it helped me.
Sunny Le    15 Oct 2015, 10:34
Thank you a lot! Wrapping table was on and it took me almost whole day to fix it.
Henry    25 Sep 2015, 05:10
"John 21 Oct 2014, 23:00
I tried all of the solutions above and it didn't fix my problem. So I have a new solution for you. In Word 2007, select the Layout tab. On the right of the toolbar, check if Repeat Header Rows is enabled. If it is, disable it."

This - thanks John!
Louise Simpson    15 Sep 2015, 13:58
After stressing out for ages over the formatting of a table in a job application, working my way through these tips solved the problem! THANK YOU!!
Jay    31 Jul 2015, 08:26
Thank you - extremely clear instructions and solved the problem!
Kate     15 Jul 2015, 07:25
problem solved, hallelujah! thank you thank you thank you!)
Jim    08 Jul 2015, 18:28
These tips saved my bacon!
Prabhu    03 Jul 2015, 02:58
this has solved my problem
Carmi    26 Jun 2015, 13:48
Allow Row to Break Across Pages - Thank you!
Barry    24 Jun 2015, 14:17
I have also found that placing references in a table (at least footnotes) when the table exceeds a single page, cause the remainder of the document to be clipped in the windows display. the content is there, you just can't get to it anymore.
Prakash    11 Jun 2015, 04:43
This is fab!! Solved my problem. In my case the row was configure incorrectly. I checked the "Allow row to break cross pages". Worked beautifully.

Thanks so much!
Chris    08 May 2015, 04:57
Thank you Allen! You solved my problem.
Tim    15 Apr 2015, 09:21
The row I was working with was set to a minimum height. Once I unchecked this option the table functioned normally.
TX    10 Apr 2015, 11:45
it works and thanks so much.
S M Rao    26 Mar 2015, 00:59
Disabling "Repeat Header Rows" fixed my problem. But how to get the headers to repeat across the pages?

Simon    25 Mar 2015, 09:49
I'm using Word2010, and have a 3-column table in a landscape page orientation section of a document where many of the cells in the 3rd column contain text that's greater than 1 page long. All these table rows break to a new page despite having the 'Allow row to break across pages' turned on for the entire table. If I turn this off, it seems to have the opposite effect and some rows display then get corrupted.

Basically nothing works to make the next row continue on the same page - NOTHING!

This seems to be a serious BUG in word, something that should have been picked up before release, or at lease since and FIXED!
Kwema Ledbetter    07 Feb 2015, 17:34
Hi, thanks so much. I had some hidden "Keep with Next" settings that was totally screwing up my tables. I have a tight deadline and this was really going to sabotage a very important project. Thanks so much for unselfishly sharing your knowledge.

Zain    31 Jan 2015, 05:40
Great it worked.
Anna    11 Jan 2015, 06:35
This is SO helpful - for me it was text wrapping. Would NEVER have spotted that.
JIA    18 Dec 2014, 13:59
Jen    05 Dec 2014, 02:05
Thank you very much! I followed your instructions and was able to solve the problem with the table not breaking across pages. The problem for me was the text wrapping option.

It worked! Thanks!
Paul    17 Nov 2014, 19:09
Excellent advice. The "Allow row to break across pages" worked for me.
Dima    12 Nov 2014, 04:27
Hi all.
Allow Row to Break Across Pages check box has helped. Thank you very much
Beckett    06 Nov 2014, 01:45
Thank you so much for helping me with this!!! The "text wrapping" fixed it!
John    21 Oct 2014, 23:00
I tried all of the solutions above and it didn't fix my problem. So I have a new solution for you. In Word 2007, select the Layout tab. On the right of the toolbar, check if Repeat Header Rows is enabled. If it is, disable it.
Eugene Wu    29 Sep 2014, 12:40
Thanks for the tip - this article was well written and solved my problem.
Lisa Silversten    12 Aug 2014, 20:08
thank you! I had been going mad. This was the solution I needed: "If all else fails, try selecting the table, converting it to text, and then converting it back into a table. This should "reset" many of the table settings and your table may start behaving as expected."
dthede    29 Jul 2014, 15:55
Great tip! The text wrapping in tables interacts (in a bad way) with header and footers. Setting text wrap to "None" fixed the problem where the header on the following page is pushed way down into the middle of it. In tables extending several pages, the header and footer can actually display as tightly adjacent to each other. This has been formatting hell for me for hours.
Peter    23 Jul 2014, 19:07
None of these tips worked for me. I ended up having to deselect "Repeat Header Rows" and it all came good instantly - so another thing to check that gives the same problem
NARESH    22 Jul 2014, 13:18
I am unable to print in Microsoft word worksheet table and row and text only few lines are printing
FH    25 Jun 2014, 23:49
Yes. Text wraping to None resolves my issue. Thanks so much!
clinical SAS programmer    20 Jun 2014, 21:03
The text wrap solved a problem I was having with a table of contents generated by SAS using rtf codes.

Thanks so much - just wish your page had come up sooner!

For bonus points, what are the WordBasic codes for:
-repagination/ToC update
-Fixing text wrap issue

Then I can automate this whole damn thing!!!

Steve    13 Jun 2014, 15:47
I checked "Allow Row to Break" option in the table properties, and that solved it for me.

Rosie Cheeks    29 May 2014, 18:58
Love you! I had to check the box "Allow row to break across pages" under Table Properties. High five :)
Andrew    30 Apr 2014, 10:35
My issue appears to be a visual display issue. For example, when I print-preview everything looks fine (even though while editing it looks wrong). In the end, I just slightly decreased my page's bottom margin, and that seems to have resolved it overall.
TK    03 Apr 2014, 11:35
Text Wrapping was my issue - thanks for this tip.
Shaili    19 Mar 2014, 13:59
I am making a flow chart on word. I could easily draft the 1st page of the same but somehow i am unable to go to the second page. The text boxes that i create as a part of the flow chart are disappearing as the 1st page is ending.
Jeff    11 Feb 2014, 19:04
I've got a one-row table that is set to allow rows to break across pages. I've set the row height to be at least 3". I've discovered that if there's less than 3" at the bottom of the page for the table, it won't break but will instead start on the new page. If I set it to at least 1", it works fine. Based on the design of the doc, I really need the row to be a minimum of 3", but don't want to have blank space on the page if the user expands a row in a table before it.

I'm using Word 2007 and need a one row table as there are protected sections before and after it. The section breaks are continuous so I know that's not the issue.

I'm guessing there's no way around this, but thought I'd check.


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