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AutoText Entries Don't Stick

Linda reports that when she puts a word into AutoText it works just fine, but only while she's in that document. When she closes and re-opens the document, all her added AutoText words are gone and she has to re-enter them.

There are several possible reasons why this would occur. AutoText entries are saved in templates, not in documents, so the cause must somehow be related to what Word is doing with your templates. It may be that the template associated with this particular document is read-only, and therefore cannot be updated with the AutoText information. (Theoretically, however, you should get an error message when Word tries to save the AutoText info to the read-only template.)

If you are on a network, it may be that the template is not available when you reopen the document. You can check in Word to see what template is associated with the document once you reopen it, and verify that it is the correct template that should be associated with it. If the template in which you previously saved your AutoText is not available the next time you open the document, Word will attach the Normal.dot template by default. In any case, you should check with your network administrator to see if there is something funny going on with your templates as they are stored on the network.

Finally, it could be that the problem is related to a known bug associated with several Adobe products interacting with Office. You can find more info about the bug at this Knowledge Base page:


Basically, the bug is caused by a problem in an add-on installed by several different versions of Adobe Acrobat. It affects Word in that some changes (including AutoText changes) are not saved properly. The Knowledge Base article lists several different ways you can cure the problem. (The best one is to update your Acrobat to a newer version. The update should be free from Adobe.)

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Debbie    01 Dec 2015, 15:18
I had an auto text on a older PC and loved it and then we updated and Had to get word 2010 and since then have not been able to save the auto text. It saves till I close down the document then all the auto text are gone. Then I was told it was related to the OLD server. We just updated the server and guess what it still doesn't work. Auto text would be so nice if it would work with out have to load the words every day before I start doing my documents. The IT guy was no help with the Auto Text and didn't care to help me with it..
John Stoker    25 Aug 2015, 05:57
I've seen this a number of times, too.

Provided that you've definitely selected the right place to store the Autotext (ie the document or normal.dot depending upon your preference) then you'll need to go into the VB Editor and use the save button for the project.

This is a problem that applies massively to saving Macro code, too. Always use the save button in the VBE for these sort of changes and check the modify date/time on your file (in Windows explorer) before closing to avoid pain.
Laura Winner    16 Apr 2015, 20:04
In fact, I can add the auto text in when I'm working on the document, return to the document without having closed it, and the auto text entries STILL DON'T WORK.
Laura Winner    16 Apr 2015, 20:02
I hate Word 2013 too! we should start a club. if you get help, please post back to this website.
Wendy Semko    09 Apr 2015, 01:39
I can't get autotext to stick no matter what. Microsoft won't help me over telephone. I just HATE Word 2013 and had to get it because I had computer problems and had to purge my computer. There must be someone who can help me.

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